HSB Draw Pad Help!Please!



Hi guys,
I have been working with my own HSB Draw Pad,the Luna HSB Draw Pad (maybe some people will know),and I have a problem.I am making a gradient button,so when you tap on it and you draw,it will change colors automatically,but it doesn't work.Can someone help me with that?Thanks!!!:wink:

-LunaMorgana387 :crescent_moon::tm:


Welcome to the Forum! I am not really good with those type of things, but if you ever need HSB colors, just @ me like this @Kitkat26

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Thanks!!!I will search you in Hopscotch,but thanks for being the first to talk to me.THX!:blush:


You'll need a value for that.

So when you pressed/tapped the object - let's call it Change - you would set the value to 1.

While the value is one another value would be changing. This would be used inside a HSB/RGB block for the drawing object.


Also welcome!

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Thanks!But,also,I want it to stop.I tried your code (it worked,Thanks!) but it doesn't stop.There is any way to stop it?



So for Change you can have

When Object I saw Tapped (or Pressed)

Check Once If (Value = 0)

Set value (Value) to 1


Set value (Value) to 0


Thanks!I am going to see if works.One moment!But,thanks for all the help!:smile:


No problem! Happy to help anytime!


Sorry, it won't work. Hopscotch doesn't support multi touch.


Hi Luna! I know you!
For sure, I can help! You can use some of my code (like the caligraphy pad), just give credit. :DD


Welcome to the forum @LunaMorgana387! Nice to meet you! You can @DMF (tag) me if you need help! :wink:


I can help you! :wink: Make this:

You can change the value to get different colors! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @LunaMorgana387! I think I have seen you on HS before. Try the codes above. If they didn't work, I can help you.


On topic: try having a value in one slot in HSB, depending on your goal, then have the value frequently change when the screen is pressed.
Off topic: Thx for using my coffee trail art as a profile pic, your remix of the colours is pretty cool, too! Welcome to the forum. (You've been on HS longer than me)


I know,but is more important being a good coder than being so long in Hopscotch.I will give you credit.Thanks for doing so many cool projects!:smile: