HSB Colors Unofficial Topic!



So, this topic is all about HSB colors. Don't know how to get them? Come here!

First of all:

This topic is for sharing HSB colors and explaining them.

I have the secret color hack explained below:

Secret Color Hack!

Credit to @Valgo​ for this amazing hack.

First, go into Safari and look up "HSB Color Picker." I use this site, rgb.to. The link is right there.

Look up your color, and choose whichever one looks best to fit what YOU want. Let's say we choose dark green. You tap the color, and scroll down to where it says "HSB". Hopscotch uses HSB color codes for their colors, so we do too. Now, select it and copy it into your clipboard. Make sure you get all the numbers!

Next, go into Notes and paste it onto a new note. It should say something like (1, 2, 3), but with different colors. Tap in front of the first parentheses and type in "HSB". Add a space after it, and select it. Copy it into your clipboard, and go into Hopscotch.

Go into your "set color", "leave a trail", or other block. Select the color, hold it, and press paste. Try watching the video if you don't get it!

I keep track of all my HSB colors on a sheet of paper. I used colored pens to show what colors they are! Here it is:

Awesome! Done. Reply with your websites, favorite HSB color codes, favorite custom color art pads, or better explanations/hacks.


Well done!!! GREAT TOPIC


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That is an excellent website for HSBs! :grinning:


Thank you guys!