HSB Colors :) (OC requests)



Hey everyone I'd like to know what HSB colors look really cool once my ipad is charged.. ( he he ) I am going to do coded OC requests I need the HSB for the shirts etc Please note which color this makes.. Thank you :grin: stop reading and post plz :wink: BTW I really enjoy blues red and oranges Feel free to request too thx

( I Just noticed my ipad is not charging right now im on chromebook and it turns out my cable is broken so it will take a while I will post with your request but it will take a while thx @braybraylovesmonkeys )
BTW use their request sheet!


This is awesome! Don't know if this helps, but HSB colors look REALLY cool on screen, I love them!
BTW can other people use this form for coded OC requests?
Name (OC): Rose
Username (HSF): braybraylovesmonkeys
Shirt Design and Color: T-shirt, white, pink rose (316, 59, 71) on vine (137, 93, 78) on the T-shirt
Bottom Design and Color: Skirt, pink (321, 45, 97), frills
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Bright Green (136, 91, 83)


Hi @Artymaker2000! So I heard you are looking for HSBs yes? I can help you, but only if you tell me what colors you are looking for. : )


Well I enjoy reds and blues and yellows


You can check my profile William04GamerA on Hopscotch, I have uploaded some cool HSB color palettes like "Night sky colors", "Ocean colors", "Shades of green" and lots of other colors. You could also search online or use this website: www.colorizer.com to pick your own color. That is my best tips!


No prob, bob!
(wth is wrong with me XD)


he he :smile:
( dat happens to me some times btw once my ipad is charged I will screenshot the finished project!)


I'm so sorry I can only do dresses! Request done!!