HSB color websites & topics!



Here is a topic that you can look up HSB topics and websites and drawing pads! You could also add colors!
These are the rules!
• Don't break the rules
• If you break a rule, refer to the rule above
• Put your name next to the website or topic or HSB color that you find
• No adding comments (including your own) next to the website, topic, or HSB color (ahem, @KVJ and @DancingPineapples1)
• No deleting HSBs, websites, Drawing Pads, or topics!
Those are the rules.
Below are the websites, drawing pads, HSBs and topics.
I'll start with a few!

Drawing Pads!

Here you list drawing pads with the links!


You put the websites with HSB colors here and NOTHING ELSE!
http://colors.findthedata.com (@tankt2016)
http://colorizer.org/ (@SnowGirl_Studios)
http://rgb.to (@DancingPineapples1)


In this category, you only put topics.



HSB colors!

Here you put the HSB colors you know!
HSB(0,0,0) Pure Black (@tankt2016)
HSB(99999,99999,9999) Brightest Red (@tankt2016)
HSB(99,999,99) Neon Orange (@tankt2016)
HSB(120,100,100) neon green (@KVJ)
HSB (160, 50, 100) Aquamarine (@DancingPineapples1)
HSB (327, 62, 96) Bubblegum Pink (@DancingPineapples1)
HSB,(170,20,100) Bright Blue (@Ihasfluffycupcakes)
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I hope you like it!

Anyone Have HSBs?

Time to bring out the tag list!



Oh, cool! I am terrible at HSBs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is okay! You could list HSBs you know!


Maybe I could learn some HSB colors! I'm working on an art pad! :grinning: So this could be a big help for making improvements. PandaBlossom and pingu are doing colors.




Okay, please edit the top post and add your name next to that website.


If anyone needs any help with HSB colors, let me know. I'm good with HSB colors.


You can edit the top post with the HSB colors, websites and topics and Drawing Pads.


Cool. I'll try to find the one I use.


Okay! I keep getting notifications!


Here's my favorite... It's awesome!


Umm...what is the HSB color?


You have to click the color to find the HSBs.


Please edit the top post with the HSB color.


Sorry! ^~^


I think that this is a great idea!! I think in pretty good at HSB colors, so I would love to help others who need help! I added a website that I always use, and I think it's extremely useful. I also put my two favorite HSB colors. Awesome topic, by the way!


Yeah, me too! And I think you are goo at HSB colors!


Thank you! That means a lot! Your topics on the forum are great, and I love the 'Wanted' posters you've been making! Your backgrounds on Hopscotch are awesome too. :blush:


Thanks! Actually, the wanted posters—
This explains it.