HSB color of Dino



what's the HSB color of Dino? I need to make more modified characters, more fun stuff, and cool things to watch.


Give me a sec.
I shall use HSB color finder


Reddish color of spikes and stuff is
HSB 355, 66, 85
Dark blue for mainly arms
HSB 260, 37, 25
HSB 0,2,98
Lighter for stripes on arms
HSB 261,40,52
Body orange
HSB 27, 88, 94


Hi AidenLovesHopscotch!! :smile: Ooh I love seeing your modified character projects.

I just use Paper 53 for checking HSB colours – (I'm being a bit excessive with the writing on the picture but it's fun! - don't worry. If I have find the picture that shows how I used it, I will post it here too)

I seem to have gotten different colours to @Kayro though :thinking:

Thanks @Petrichor for letting me know about this!!


Mine might be a little off. I used Adobe Capture with a screenshot of Dino and looked for HSB.


Oooh yes I was thinking of Adobe Capture too as another alternative! :smiley:

Edit: here was how I used Paper 53