HSB color list - add your own color!








Thank you, I couldn’t quote the post somehow.


First post


This one of my most favorite colors—I think its gorgeous!

160, 50, 80 Medium aquamarine (shown below) Click this to go where I found it



Here is a very helpful website that has a clear list of many different shades of colors. It was recommended by THT, too.



Thank you so much for the submissions @PandaS! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to add to your list! :blush:


My favorite HSB is 315,100,100 I think It could be called Perfect Pink!


Perfect Pink is a good name. Also, thank you so much for contributing to the list!


I like to use like 85, 5, 95 for BGs


Thank you! Might I be able to edit your list to add Perfect Pink?


Sure! You don’t have to ask, you (and anyone else that wants to contribute to this topic) are free to add colors at any time! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the addition @SarcasticTvHead!