HSB color list - add your own color!



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Ocean blue: HSB 180, 75, 80
Raspberry 330, 100, 40
Lime green 70, 100, 60
Emerald green 110, 100, 35
Hopscotch blue (the blue shade in the logo) 196, 66, 41
Hopscotch red 0, 100, 65
Hopscotch yellow 60, 60, 75
Hopscotch orange 25, 90, 60
Hopscotch green 110, 70, 60
Hopscotch magenta 345, 70, 55


I find this very helpful, you guys should try it too. It has all colors in RGB, HSb and more too!


I have a HSB website that I use:http://onlinewebtool.com/colorpicker.php

Here is the steps how to use it:

  1. Choose a colour
    2.Look over to the side.
    3.See how it says the HSB and the RGB codes? Use the HSB one


Thank you for sharing that website, I haven’t seen it before! Maybe you could post in this topic as well?


This is a great website: http://hslpicker.com/#001eff


100 100 100 hsb green!


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Pale ghost purple is 241,50,79


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