HSB color list - add your own color!



Using this Colormix app, you can slide the RGB or HSB to make any color
and see the HSB code.


To do neon color, do (hsb ...*,100,100)

*any number


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Indigo: HSB(266,100,100)


If you have a RGB or a FFFF color, convert to HSV (The same as HSB) here: http://html-color-codes.info/


Psychedelic Purple: HSB(297,97,100)!!


booger buster 221,226,106. oh, and the crayola™ crayon came with a scent


Olive Green: 58, 100, 40


Bubblegum Pink - HSB (327, 62, 96) - And Aquamarine - HSB (160, 50, 100) - These are my favorite HSB codes!!


Hazel HSB(48,77,83) Also I find custom colors using the color picker in hopscotch.


this didnt work for me can you help?


PandaBear try this link


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Reviving this topic with lots of new HSB colors! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ygre3ar9f


Turquoise: (I use RGB) 60, 506, 253
Pretty Purple: (still RGB) 1000, 0, 1000


Turquoise: r60 g506 b253
Magenta: r1000 g0 b1000


Hello peoples! Let's share RGB and HSB colors! I'll start. Turquoise is: R60 G506 B253. Purple: R1000 B0 B1000. Let's get more ideas for colors!


Ummm....rgb values can't be any higher than 255.


Well 1000 and 506 work for me on Hopscotch.