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This is a list of HSB colors to use in your Hopscotch projects.
Add a color by posting a reply with the HSB color code and the color name. You can also edit it if you add HSB colors down below. This topic is on global edit since a while ago. You can find more HSB Colors, websites and tips in the replies of this topic :slight_smile:
Invisible BG: HSB(0,0,97.25)
Dark orange: HSB(33,363,234)
Cool green color: HSB(99,123,123)
Dark brown/Black: HSB(345,67,22)
Red: HSB(454,569,987)
Green light: HSB(71,456,999)
Dark green: HSB(76,89,54)
Dark grey: HSB(5,10,15)
Dark purple: HSB(267,96,78)
Beautiful blue HSB(180,100,100)
Teal: 180, 100, 50
Blizzard Blue HSB(188,28,93)
Credits to Valgo for the custom color idea.
Updated with more colors

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Beautiful blue HSB(180,100,100)


Teal: 180, 100, 50 :grinning:
Nice idea! I like the colors you wrote. :smile:


Awesome Hopscotcher, You gave credit thats nice!


Updated with new colors!


How do you make custom colors? I still don't know how. Sorry I can't use my IPAD because its locked.


Look at this video by DotCopple: http://youtu.be/hKEzoJxXtKM


Thanks! @William04GamerA


Here's one I thought would be nice:
Blizzard Blue HSB(188,28,93)


You've Done A Very Good Job! Keep Up The Good Work! :grinning:


New colors added! :smile:


Here's a website I like using this website for values of colours: List of Crayola colors.


The Crayola Colors List on Wikipedia was perfect for making HSB colors t1! Good suggestion!


Thanks! That's a great page for custom colors! Question: is HSB, HSP, and HSV all the same thing?


Good question and I was wondering too. I did an Internet search and it seems that HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and HSV (Hue, Saturation and Value) are the same thing.

HSP (Hue, Saturation, Perceived brightness) appears to be a color model that someone introduced themselves separately so that seems to me that it's less common. I never heard of it before you mentioned it so I guess we don't use it as much.

Hopscotch uses HSB so that's the system we use to put in secret colours. If you have a colour in HSV I think it would be fine since the numbers would be the same, but when you're adding the colour to your code in Hopscotch just change the "V" into "B".

Hope that helps and apologies if my explanation isn't accurate! You can do a search yourself as well to check. If anyone has additional points they'd like to make, feel free to join in and share.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch! It's just I've always heard HSB for Hopscotch, I heard several people calling it HSP, and the Crayola list uses HSV. Good to know!


How to make custom colors (video by DotCopple): http://youtu.be/hKEzoJxXtKM


Hi i know pure black


I like HSB(180,100,100)


Here is a good colour picker: colorizer.org
I think that if you maybe know a colour that is in RGB, HSL or any other one then you can convert it into HSB in that site.