HSB Challenge!!


This HSB color is my favorite color. The hue number has 3 numbers. All of the numbers added together sum to 13. The last 2 digits ad up to 10. There is one odd number and two even numbers. There are 2 possible answers. The saturation has two numbers.The first digit divided by the second digit is 4.5. The brightness has 3 digits. If you add up all the digits you get 1.

First 3 people to answer, gets a special prize. (I havent decided the prize yet)


This is really cool!

You made it Hopscotch related, while its also a really cool math problem! :D


Thanks so much!! :smile:


I dont really get the part that says theres an odd between 2 evens is that just in the hue?


Wow, this is really cool and creative! Welcome to the Hopscotch fourum, @QueenShaeShae. :smiley:


The hue is a 3 digit number, and there are 2 even numbers and 1 odd


Thanks @Intellection74

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Lol, lots of people voted for the middle one.


Okay has anyone got the answer yet?? If so please let me know soon


Okay, so no one has thought of the hsb number yet?? Well I'm going to have to reaveal it then sigh......


I have the answer!


328 or 346





Tell me if im right!


You are correct @thebestest!!!!!!! You are the first person to answer correctly!!!!!! You can help me make the next hsb challenge!!! And because you are the first, you get a prize of choice! Just tell me and i will do it!!




Okay @thebestest whenever you are available let me know and we can work on the next hsb challenge!!