HSB and RGB help center!


With the new update, many people may have questions about HSB and RGB.

If you have questions, ask here! Me, or any other hopscotcher that can help can and will answer!

If you are willing to help with HSBS and RGBS, tell me, and I'll add you to the list!

Also, if your good at HSB and RGB things, tell me, and I'll put you're name here, so people know they can ask you for help!

Tag list Of people willing to help:

@Work_kids_coding (can help with updating school iPads)
If you need some HSBS and RGBS, I can also help.

Okay, start asking!



The New Update is Strange

Nice topic!
Here's an XD


And a like

Lol I think @Pingu is stalking my posts…


My question: Do you just have to copy and paste HSBs like the old version, or something else that I can't figure out? Thanks!
Aw, @KVJ you beat me


I saw that edit XD!

@pingu lol


Awesome topic! Can I help? :D

I like using HSBs, and RGBs, I think it would be fun to help people with those. :D

Problem: I absolutely can't create anything useful using RGBs. XD
Anything. ಠ_ಠ

I think I can do stuff with HSBs though. XD
I'm more experienced with those, RGBs... I still need to figure out how I saturate that stuff.


Do you have the update? If you do, on the color menu, where it says random on the bottom, scroll down, and you can pick the HSB or RGB block. Then enter the numbers you want!


Yah, I'll add you to the tag list, and I'd love it if you could check here every once in awhile to help people! Thanks!


Ok, I got it now! Thanks!
It's a tiny scroll bar!


Yay! Thanks! Okay, I'll do that! :D


Can you tell me how to make a tan color like on my profile pic?



A guess, but that's what I think it is... I'll go look!
Edit: That's about it, I could eyedrop it if you want. XD
Make sure you have a Hue at a orangey one (20-30), the saturation high (10-40, for that shade), and the brightness all the way up (100)!


Can I help with them?


Surreal! I'll add you to the lost!


List* and thanks!


Please search before you post. New topic.


I will help people!

I'm not God with RGB though.

Oops, XD! I mean good with RGB.

Not God!



I wan to help really bad!


Ummm... That's a tutorial on how to get them... This is where people can ask questions about them, get help finding them, and etc..

Your topic is very different from mine..

And I think it's ok to have one or two topics on one question, just not five.



Sounds nice!

But I'm on a school iPad, and my hopscotch is like 4 updates behind.

It still looks like this

It still has that animal as the account button


Wow, that's pretty old..

What does your profile look like?