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I’m @FRENCH_WAVE123, I’m the principle of HOPSCOTCH academy. Students will answer a poll to be tagged into a class. The first post will be the teacher registration post, meaning only teachers can reply to it. So don’t post “first” hoping to get attention, because that spot is reserved for me. If you do decide to make the first post, you will be banned from this topic. You will also receive regular updates in all classes because we will post every class poll as a reply to post 1 no matter what Second post is fine.

so far we have quite a few teachers, their subjects, aswell as their achievements are listed below their username.


Game design

Basic pixel art technique

FRENCH WAVE is an accomplished hopscotcher, who has received 10 of the old featured projects, 3 of the old trending projects, and 3 of the new curated projects. 1 like from the hopscotch team, and he has also spoke via FaceTime to 3 total hopscotch team members, @Elizabeth, @AwesomeOnion, and @Liza. I almost got to visit the hopscotch HQ in ny city last December, but it didn’t work out.


Hs basics

Trail art


Fundardo started Hopscotching in May 2016, when he was 8 years old. The first few years were very rough as he didn’t get much attention Not that he deserved any He got his first Feature in December with a lot of help from his dad. Then he had to wait one year and a half for his next Feature. That one was one of the first games in Hopscotch to use a working keyboard for usernames. Years went by, many accounts were created and no Features came. In 2019, when they changed the channels, it suddenly became a lot easier for Fundardo and the quality of his projects kept and still is increasing. Nowadays he concentrates on making bigger projects and rarely publishes anything. He is has 9 or 10 curated projects as of the 10th of June 2020, 2 old Featured projects + 1 from another account, 3rd Place HHC19, 3rd Place PokeGo contest and his last 5 projects all have over 100 likes


Math in hs

His name is Nobody. He comes from Earth. He has been Hopscotching for 4 years. He likes making transitions and loves variables/logical operators. He has gotten 3 features and several curation over his time hopscotching. He eats dirt


Basic variables

Heracc has made multiple clickers, and is currently working on a platformer and a hopscotch block dictionary.



Tankt likes coding and has been coding since November 18, 2015. She thinks her strong suit in coding is graphics. Tankt has 22 old features/curations currently, and hates math. Her cat has a sweet tooth.


Trail art

Sage has been using hopscotch for almost 3 years. They’ve made a bunch of games that did well, and a bunch of smaller projects that also did okay. They like to do puzzle games, as well as pixel arts. Another one of the things they like to make is trail art, and so here we are.


Cool stuff w/ hopscotch

Astros has been hopscotching for 4 years this August. She likes experimenting, and can be very funny at times. She’s had one curated, on the art channel. She likes playing around with blocks and gets excited if she finds something she didn’t know before.



Learn the art of avoiding unwanted work with the master of procrastination. You will learn in this class, how to make realistic excuses and strengthen your improvisational skills. You will also be taught the art of “I forgot that existed” as you ultimately become a better person.

Cool boss battles and all that
Dakoan is just an ordinary hopscotcher whose life’s got a bit more better when he won valentines contest.
He likes to make boss battles. I mean, look at his old projects, its all boss battles. He also made a heartwarming story about stickmans love. Oh, and a spooky horror game, too. So, tldr; i like boss battles and stuff

The Power of Events


At fourteen years old, @Cooca_Viola is a coder and an artist on the Hopscotch app. She has been coding since October 2013, starting with Gamestar Mechanic. In September 2015, she would expand to learning lisp languages from the computer programming services on Khan Academy. This caused her to learn about how to use JavaScript, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), and Structured Querying Language (SQL). Nothing would change until April 2017, when she joined Hopscotch, which was actually thanks to her irl friend, ghost :ghost: :ghost: , who had been using the app for a long time and wanted to teach her. Late into 2018, she would expand to Scratch and Roblox Studio, the latter of which would teach her how to use another lisp language called Lua. Over the course of seven years, this user has expanded her programming knowledge very far and now wants to show it to the world.

here is the format you will use for announcing classes. Tardiness from a teacher is 10x worse than a student:

the class is called:

difficulty level:

end results:

poll for students to sign up:

This form must only be quoted in response to the very first post in this topic.


Class schedules :arrow_down:


3:00 est on thursday

poll for students to sign up:

  • I would like to join this class
  • I would not like to join this class

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