HS Question Topic!


This is just a little idea...
How bout instead of making a topic about a question that gets answered in 1 post, ask your question here!


Stay HS related
Only one answer at a time
Once a question is answered please don't answer it again
Keep this different from an AMA

Questions to be answered
• Who is the forum president at the moment?-Kitty4U
• Who created Hopscotch?-ThatOneHopscotcher
• Which forum user has gotten the all round most likes? -Kayro

Questions that have been answered
• Where did the leaders go?
• Why is the "black" colour in Hopscotch not truly black? -MG
• Is mayonnaise an instrument? -TheAcingGamer

Inspired by @Murphy1



Just So You Know Plz Read If You Don't Know

details arent working :/


Any questions that need to be asked without creating a new topic?


Answering to question "Where did the leaders go?"
If you mean the old leaders, they got demoted by THT, read all about it here:
THT is now the only leaders on this forum.




If somebody who isn't Regular gets their topic moved to the lounge, will they be able to see it?


No. I've gotten demoted before and I wasn't able to access a topic I made when I was a Regular.


Is trending based on plays or likes in a certain time frame?


Maybe, but I know for sure THT features the projects, I'm just not sure if the put any on trending.


This is a nice and convenient topic! I love your profile, @UnderagedCoder1, it makes me laugh.


I have no idea. I think they started out without hsb and they just couldnt get a true black. Lol!
To get a true black do hsb (0,0,0)


I have no idea who the forum president is...
My best guess is @Liza. (She might know)


Haha I'm just playing around. I actually have a question for the code master.


On UniDonut, I'm in the process of making a Five Nights at Hopscotch. How should I make it so when I turn of the lights, the antagonist will appear UNLESS the door is closed?


Have it invisibility 100% when door is tapped have something move like a 99% invisible circle and use when lights value is off, check once if door invisiblilty is 100% wait random something seconds

I might need to help i am having a hard time explaining this


Awesome, thanks!


I forgot to say...
Edit your question in on the first post!
I can see what you put so be appropriate.


Ask @Liza, she probably knows


Any other questions?
I know you have more!


I have another question.