HS Project: The Quick Flex | name suggested by Rodrik


When = is very useful, e.g. when CloneSpawn == CloneIndex


So both “when object is cloned” and "when clone index = " can be used?



Yes, assuming I interpreted your question properly


Yes you did



How do you get around Hopscotch’s timing system where if a rule is being performed, you can’t perform it again until it’s finished

@Awesome_E @Petrichor @FearlessPhoenix


Use a check once if rule, like >when is tapped
Check once if (already tapped = 1)
Set color green
Set already tapped to 1


The Quick Flex is set to release sometime this week

@FearlessPhoenix, when you saw the title for the first time, what was the first thing that came to your mind

  • Money
  • A good project
  • Hasbro

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An amazing game that would get featured definitely
Also something that could possibly be successful in the App Store as a legitimatized app


That’s what I call a goal maybe sometime soon


@Rodrik834 @Petrichor @Awesome_E Does this look right or should I change something?



It’d be nice if you could make my text fit on one line, maybe “timing fix”?


That’s cool! It should get featured when it’s published 100%


@Awesome_E do you know how to use clones for objects to tap?

The objects have passed the 50 object mark, and has brought lag to the game the same way The Void did


I don’t understand what you mean, but you may be having every clone create more. Make sure that if a cloned object needs more clones, only the original object makes clones


I might as well get @PeppyWafer21 to beta test my game because I can’t even get to 50

How am I that bad at my own game XD