HS Project: The Quick Flex | name suggested by Rodrik


Thank you!

Bop-It is a sort of toy that calls out a random command and you have to complete the command within like 2 seconds. So the concept of The Quick Flex came from the game, therefore it is not an original idea, but I’ll try to make it as fun as possible!


I googled it and it looks really fun!


Maybe you can name it Tap It (based off the name Bop it, as it was based off it)?


No, because Hasbro might sue Hopscotch for having assets with a similar name

(However, tapping will be a command)


@UTheDevHS @Petrichor

Explain yourself…


None of us know who started first


Oh well

Back to the drawing board ig

@Rodrik834 any ideas?


Hey don’t worry check this… just lemme


@UTheDevHS petrichor just reuploaded their old projects! Including that one, check the amount of weeks the games’ have:


But Do What You’re Told was uploaded just 2 days ago



Oh, I see

I guess my idea isn’t original

Sorry for taking the blame on you Pet

I just noticed that this project existed a while back already


Well but they just reuploaded his old project and still got featured when the old was also featured


That’s okay ig

Do you know if a project that has the same jist to it but is 3x better than the original, can it still get featured


Oh ok… I thought originality was a main factor… well, so u mean that if you make a “2.0” version of a game that was already featured it can still get featured?


Oh and as you can see cloud jumper is almost the same…


Originality is a major factor?

Back to the drawing board ig


Yep… read the “nominations for featured” OP


Your idea was original, you came up with it yourself.


Hey pet… so you Improved your old games?


@Awesome_E, what rules can be used to program clones of an object?