HS Project: The Quick Flex | name suggested by Rodrik


Please delete

I don’t want this topic getting closed


Please delete or i’ll have to flag


It gone.





Wait really?

Oof that was my and AE’s suggestion

@FearlessPhoenix on Apr 9, look for my project gt topic, merge the posts into there, and close this topic (don’t archive, so I can edit the first post)


Wait, did Ana mean category?

@Petrichor @FearlessPhoenix

On second thought, could u keep this topic open and leave the posts here, @Leaders? Thanks!


We can’t leave this open, Ana already said no to these kinds of topics,



Wait, so Ana said that she was going to create an entire topic for this

Wouldn’t that cause a lot of confusion


Probably but we’ll see how it plays out,
I have faith in Ana


I agree

We’ll just have to see what happens on Apr 9

One last question, what about all those topics in the lounge (what happens if u move a gt there)


It’ll still close and archive.

LGBOT now tho


So what kind of topics can you create in the lounge?



we’re thinking about it


You cant link by account but maybe search act fast? (That game didn’t really work well my whole family and I question how that got featured lol)


The blocks that don’t work:
Set image (that is the worst one)
Secret Blocks like clone x (clone works but not times x), destroy, timestamp


Live drafts are not ideal because anyone can publish it without remix bar, mine was just a test for announcements without visitng the forum

@discobot fortune thanks?


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so



Sorry for the second tag, but I just wanted to announce that:

  1. Because of copyright issues, the “shout” command will be replaced with “stay silent”

  2. Recently, a tl4 has informed me that THT is no longer allowing these kind of topics on the forum, so this topic will be closed soon

I don’t like to bring bad news but unfortunately, to stay from arguments, these changes will have to be applied

Thanks for understanding


Looks really cool! Honestly, I have no idea what “Bop-it” is, but I’m sure that you have something unique and original!


I thought this topic was a sort of half collaboration where people help you with this project though.