HS Project: The Quick Flex | name suggested by Rodrik

Hey Hopscotchers!

I wanted to make a project for featured and I had a great idea sparking in my head:

It’s a game similar to Bop-It from Hasbro but there will be actions like swipe up and swipe down and even hitting the microphone (this can be triggered through hearing a loud noise but I hope it doesn’t get copyrighted.

Currently, the project doesn’t have a name, so @pomtl, I’ll let you decide!

Current Progress:

Because of the removal of gts on Apr 9, this idea will have to be placed in #help (deprecated). Thanks!


It looks super great!
Do you have a link to the wip or the live draft? I’d love to check that out if possible.
Some cc already tho; the play screen BG is super pixelated. It’d be cool if the resolution on that was better but ur choice.

Oh? I thought this was a project topic not a gt.


I do not know what bob-it is. But seems nice rn!

second reply


It is a project topic, made because gts will soon be removed

Gts are usually where I make project announcements but since they’re going, I’ll have to make project announcements with the creation of topics.

Btw, thanks for the compliment!

It was intended to look pixelated


There will be one big project topic Ana will make on the 9th so this’ll close anyway sry

Np lol!

Ahh okay makes sense. Still looks v nice


Yeah, I know

If i could use the old webplayer, this could be achievable

But because of some text converting thing (probably) the bigger the text is, the blurrier it gets, and this was not an issue in the past.

(The train track text was scaled to 5000)

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You actually can, if you use @Awesome_E’s json shortcut. In there, theirs an option for which web player you want and you can actually pick between a couple different ones


Thanks for the offer

However, I want to keep it on the latest webplayer so everything works properly and I have all the blocks I need.


It’s bop-it… don’t ya know that game?


Could you guys help me come up with any names? i’m terrible at naming things


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Act fast! Maybe???

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Act fast is a great name!

But that was used by AE already

@Awesome_E could you link me to ur iPhone account on Hopscotch


Ok… lemme think :thinking:

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No, I do not.


Ok it’s like: bopit! (Weird drums) *taps a button *
Twist it! (Twists a handle)

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Ok QuickFlex???

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Nope… *action *

Amazing title!

But uh, I don’t want people thinking about money though

Anyways “The Quick Flex” is a great title!

I’ll implement it into the game and see how it looks

Ok, I just combined quick and reflex though…

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