HS Idea Stealing


I just got on hopscotch and someone hacked my account stole my projects and published them. I already flagged there account but IDK WHAT TO DO! I just joined HS and now I want to leave...


It's happened to us, Unidonut. A user named SmilingStudios decided to hack into our collab and created a million projects that called the account "a new fan club for SmilingStudios". We changed the password and now he can't come back, right @aabb1111 @Dylan329 ?


Yes, he can't come back!


I hate when people do this...


Guys, @Hermione DIDN'T do it. Someone tried to blame her on WJB, too. She would NEVER do that.


It's ignorant and selfish. RAGE!!!


What's wjb? And who's @hermione ?


Hermimone is a nice person
Wjb? IDK


thx all who stood up for me especially @Petrichor and @underagedcoder1 I didn't hack it and u guys just thx btw @TheAcingGamer I'm @Hermione and someone changed a collab account's name to Hermione rules so people thought i username when i didn't


So who hacked the account? You guys need to figure this out because some trustworthy people are locked out, like me, and we need a way to get back in.


Who ever said you were trustworthy?


Me and @aabb1111 are still trying to uncover this mystery (even though it's been a week or two) btw @KiraForPrez right as we changed the pass code, the problem stopped, and that's when you asked for the new password


I asked for the password because when I logged out I couldn't log back in. I didn't know what was going on because I was on Spring Break and I had no wifi where I was, so it was not possible for me to even get on the forum and know what problem was occurring. I would have helped you guys but I didn't know what had just happened, and I wanted to log back in to investigate myself but no one will tell me the password.


In America,it wont be spring break for another two weeks, I don't believe you...sorry.


I'm in Kansas, different states have different spring breaks


Many people actually


Well, we in general don't believe you. Tell me the old password. This post shouldn't be flagged because there is already a new password.


It was ace139, what does this prove?


And I'm a member because @aabb1111 gave it to me and I asked. Here's proof.


Want to join? Say yes and I'll give it to you.