HS desperately needs this feature


I agree.


Can we please get back on topic?


I flagged it for spam. It’s not nessasary for people to say “first” on topics. In fact, it kind of annoys them. Anyways, If you agree, I would just like the post and move on to a new topic where you can actually give a longer comment.


Ok, thank you very much for explaining that. I will try to do better in future posts. It is important for me to know why people flag my posts.


That is a great idea actually! Although, I don’t delete my drafts or unpublish my projects. Other people would most likely find this helpful though. I also have the idea of the ability to “Schedule” Hopscotch projects.


I agree! I think this is a good idea!
Sometimes I create multiple projects over the weekend, leave them as drafts, and randomly post them throughout the week. But, I also have blank empty drafts or random remixes that I would like to delete. It does get tedious and annoying to delete one at a time. And I also agree with the recently deleted section, because all the time I accidentally delete projects that I love and was planning on publishing. We should also have this for code. Once, I deleted a whole rule, which had SO MANY complicated pieces of code in it… It took me close to a month to remake the whole thing. It was about one month’s worth of code.


Of course! Thanks for not getting upset or anything and starting a f lame war or something.


I never want to start flame wars. I just want to learn.



This idea is amazing! THT, please create this feature.