HS desperately needs this feature


Also, here is more proof-

You also put a tag for omtl. So that is spam.


I get that

If that is the case, why wasn’t this^^^ post flagged?


That person was replying to YOUR post.

Imma stop ranting now because you clearly spammed and you aren’t making sense. Bye.


No she wasn’t… Never got one notification from her.


Because they didn’t hit the ‘reply’ buttonimage


Still, if my post was spam, why wasn’t her’s?


Because you said ‘first’ that wasn’t needed.


SugarIsYummy was replying to you, therefore, it isn’t spam.


So, adding that you posted first to a relevant post on how you like the idea is spam?


Why? She would’ve been adding more spam to my spam. (I like that sentence I just made. XD)


You saying ‘first’ has NO USE to this Topic. Me saying that it has NO USE is actually telling YOU that it is spam. Did that get through your thick skull of yours?

I’m LEAVING this post. Leave. Me. ALONE.




I guess someone thought that it was spam… I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:


Ima just back up and run out of society(this topic)


The problem is, I always want to know the why of things.


Everything you said basically


Ahhh, curiosity killed the cat…
But no, it’s good to ask questions!
I don’t know the why, though.


Aw thanks!
(Lel when I wrote that I was like, don’t u dare be sour clap for your… then I paused myself and thought to myself, ‘why?’)


When there’s over 30 replies that are either spam or discussing spam, including this one.


Don’t tag omtl
Your spamming the forum and that’s why it’s flagged.

Impetuous people. With such turpitude, simply no moral, constantly showing off social status.