HS desperately needs this feature


The interface. Editing projects, specifically. When I want to delete drafts or unpublish projects I would like to select multiple drafts or projects at a time. This way I can keep my account clean and not have it be cluttered. Opinions?




I agree though sometimes you accidentally click a project u r workin on. It would stink if you accidentally clicked one like that with a clutter of other projects.

I think a recently deleted spot would be helpful as well.

But you could just delete projects you don’t want specifically.
(I think u should be able to unpublish a project from the outside too)


Yeah, like holding down on a project, and it would be outlined in blue, and you can tap multiple projects?


Like with photos on apple devices. I agree.


I would really appreciate it if someone could please tell me why the post I am replying to is flagged. I want to know because I don’t want to have posts that the community think are hurting the forum in any way.

(@omtl I am tagging you because this is forum related and very important for me to know.)


Maybe someone (not da user) thought it was spam???

Why’d u tag omtl.


We could have this feature, but then add a trash bin kinda like the Windows file manager or an email inbox


I know that much, but why would they think that?


ya I agree but which feature I mention like 3


Because saying ‘first’ is stupid.
It also is kinda a waste of space


But I also including some information that was of relevance to this topic.


Nobody cares if you are first to a post.

Actually… NOBODY.


Well it’s still spam


Why? What is your definition of spam?


I care when other people are the first poster. It I still a special moment.


Well some others don’t.


But that wouldn’t make it spam. Just because you don’t care about something doesn’t mean you should flag it…


To me, spam is deliberately saying something that isn’t needed, saying the same thing over and over again, making hard for people to chat in a topic.


I didn’t flag it lol