HS coding club plz join



Remix games that you think are awesome use #Codingclub in your posts then make your own version of that game I'll pick the most creative


May I join this club of yours? Pweese


Ok :ok_hand: maybe do wut I said and maybe u can :star::star2::v:🏾️:point_down::fist:


Cool! I might join!!


@diss_track_queen You're not allowed to have a picture of your face on the forum....


Ok but it's not mine


Thanks for changing! :blush:
I would love to join your club but I'm too busy,
sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'll Chang the rules now anyone can join :v:🏾️:v:🏾️
Just make a collab account


Wait she had a picture of her! Well doesn't matter cause I know her In person


Dude I did not add it it was my brother


Oh okay just make sure your brother doesn't touch it EVER AGAIN


How did you get that thing under your name that says lamps R cool?!


It's called a title, mods used to give it away before. But now we don't have mods so idk


I got my title from a contest i was also one of the last ones to get a title
But idk how you get a title now cause theres no mods now