How'd you do that?


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 @Follow4LikesOfficial I just saw my badge said "is awesome" like I said in the Leader and Mod Q & A topic! But I accidentally changed it! Can you guys tell me who did that, how they did, and if you can change it back? XD Thanks!


I saw that too! I was going to ask, but I decided not too. :wink:


What was it was it like the little nam thing on the side?


Huh? What badge are you talking about? Maybe a nice troll did this...


Yay, it's back @UptownStudios


Omg I see it! How'd that happen?!


I just noticed and was at first like, "Wut?" and then was like yes this is awesome!




I didn't do it! Mods can only. (And admins) But I would, because you are awesome :wink:


I expect @Follow4LikesOfficial did this -.-




Cough cough. BAS. Cough cough


Did you see @BuildASnowman's post in that topic?


YAAAAAAYYYYYY it's back! I don't know how @Kiwicute2016 or @BuildASnowman did that but thanks!


There is something here -.-


Wish you could change mine ;-;


Can you do this to me @Kiwicute2016 saying the fluffy bear is always there!


Can you change mine? Change it so it say "#1 Potterhead" PLEASE even though I know everyone else will ask. Just so PEOPEL don't sha anything bad about HP in front of meh... And stuf....


Didn't you do "I love McDonalds" for me? :wink:

Honestly, I never noticed it! :joy:


Knew the name changing requests would happen lol