How you make your old projects go to the newest editor version?

I know that one of my project is old. I made it long time ago, and I would like to make sure that it is on current version of hopscotch editor, as new as possible

It will be complicated and have a lot of Unicode, and I am trying to stop the game from crash.

@POMTL, @CodeHelp
If you know any other way I could keep game clean please let me know.

In fact can someone please let me know if I can trade them draft of my project and they can access hopscotch file, and change version to 27? Thanks


You can edit the version property in the .hopscotch file!

If you want to know how, ask me!

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? Edit in file? I don’t know what you are talking about, but please let me know how.

In the .hopscotch file of a project, there is a project_version. Change that to the newest version. (27)


How do you access .hopscotch file?

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Plug your device into a computer with itunes. Find the hopscotch_json folder in the Hopscotch files. Copy that to your computer.

I don’t have any of that
I can ask someone to do it for me,
Thanks for the help

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You’re very welcome @BlastFusion


How would you get the project in your drafts though? Just remixing the fixed project? I’m also not sure if you just can change the version number like that. I’d post a reply in this topic:

Delete the json_projects folder then out the one with your modified draft in it.

And you can. I’ve done it.


Cool! @BlastFusion I´ll see if I can help you. What project do you want help with?

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If you are on now, I can upload a draft and then please change the version to 27. Thanks

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I am on now and I will be on until about 19:00 (7 PM) GMT+1 time.

It’s all sorted. I am on version 29


Great! I’m happy to hear that you could fix it.

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