How You Learned Cos and Sin



I learned how to use Cos and Sin by... Idk... I just figured out by myself.
post how you learned cos and sin down below!


If you haven't learned, I may be able to help!


I learnt it from SCRATCH


I learned by looking at code in projects by @MagmaPOP @SUPERSWAGGY @LazyLizard and others… and messing with the code :wink:


I'm still not very good at it :joy:


I learned by just messing around with it. :D


I'm Level O in Kumon, so I understood what they are and what they do.
I didn't know how to use them in circles and ovals until I peeked into one of MagmaPop's projects.


I learned by using Kiwicute's tutorial on Hopscotch.

If you are reading this, Kiwicute, thank you! :D


Did you just say you ARENT good at CoSine?
Have... Have you even looked at your own projects?
They are awesome!

I learnt sine and cosine by looking at i think SGS' tutorial.
Then playing around with it.


Kiwi and her awesome tutorial taught me, I'm still so greatful for something that happend half a year ago.


I asked numerous people, and studied code.

The people that helped me the most were @Creatorstyle and @Rawrbear !

Basically, it's just trigonometry!


0'° thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know nothing about cos and sin, and plz don't laugh at me…:grimacing:


Me too D:

halp us


I learned it from @CosineStudios but he didn't do very well teaching it to me I only know how to make a circle


Tags @KVJ for sin and cos help

EDIT: oh, you already posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guys (@StarryDream, @JaggedJeans @Niftynia75 ) check out @Kiwicute2016's tutorial on HS to understand the blocks :wink:

As for the rest…my advice: mess around with code! Feel free to use my CoSine projects :smiley:


I was just scrolling down @PandaBlossom 's profile account and then ... Taadaa I found a project explaining sin and cos


Haha thanks, an updated one should be coming soon...


Looks familiar…