How Would You Reply?


Omg this is like what would you do


Oh that show on ABC!


Omg why do the mods always close my topics :rolling_eyes: They only like famous people!

(This is fake btw, now respond!)


Cool topic! It will show everyone the right way to react to a situation on the forum!


(Cool I'll play along but I have to go In a few minutes! :D)

The mods are only doing their job! They close topics for everyone who made a topic that is unlrealted to hopscotch. There are no "famous" people. Everyone on Hopscotch is an equal!


They close them because they think they're violating the community guidelines here:
or for another reason, which you can always ask them for!
They don't only "like" "famous" people either! I think the reason they like them is because they've spent enough time on the forum for the mods to like them!


Well there doing their job terribly!

Omg why will nobody here be my friend, why does everybody hate me :sob::sob:


I wasn't even doing anything, JEEZ!


Think. What are your topics ahitu? Are they related to Hopscotch? Do they help someone? Is it a duplicte?

Those are some reasons why mods close your topic. And mods like all people! They don't favprite anyone. :D

Also, welcome to the forum!


Nobody hates you. You jist joined. Everyone is explaining a reason why your topics are closed.

I like you. I want to be your friend. c:

Now chill, and eat sp,e chocolate ice cream. XD


If the leaders are doing their job poorly, how can they improve? No one hates you, they are trying to help. And @GysvANDRegulus was just answering your question.

I understand that you are frustrated, how can I (and in addition the rest of the forum) help you feel better?

(Ahh!! This is a great idea omg!!)


Sorry, I was just trying to answer your question!
I understand why you're frustrated, but maybe this'll help you calm down:


Good replied everybody! Next character:

A used who's been on for a while who gets very off topic, but keeps super sensitive and hates when people tell her to calm down.


Are we taking turns being characters? Or are you gonna do all the characters? Jw


Oh, I'm just doing the characters but you can make your own topic :3


Ok, in character reply:

In eating pasta right now. I really like pasta! So you like pasta?


yeah! I do like pasta, but... I don't understand how pasta relates to what we're talking about right now, could you explain to me how it does?

(Oh ok cool)


Coz they think dat your topiks should be closed


I leike pasta sauce!
Hopscotch sauce


k cool. But it isn't adding to the conversation. Remember to be on topic. And if you see someone being off topic, give them a friendly reminder to be on topic.