How would you reply to this?


This is inspired by @malie and @Gilbert189.

I pretend like I'm a new user and you have to respond in the way that you would regularly. This is pretend don't think it's real.


Ok I'm starting.

I never get on featured! This is just dum.b my rps are awesome!


I'm sorry, but rps don't use a lot of creative coding, or skills, so you won't get featured like that. You also won't get featured if you don't believe you will. Keep working hard, and I know you'll get there.

Great idea, by the way.


Rps doesn't gets on featured often because they don't have so much code. Try to improve your skills by watching videos, look at others code, practice and try to do both coded things and rps. Good luck!

Great topic anyways!


Featured is for projects which show awesome code and new, incredible ideas! Sadly RPs usually only show creativity – but they're almost always just a bunch of shrunken text objects with very, very little code. Maybe make an RP about HS, or Hopscotchers and code the story? That could get Featured!


If you want to get on Featured, work hard on self-made projects and do less rps.


I liek this topic
Because @Murphy1 made it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh! That must be so annoying :0

The problem is, RPs aren't really what Hopscotch was made for. That's why they don't get featured. Try coding some cool games, or trail art, and if you work hard you'll get featured!

Maybe RPs aren't the best for featured. I'm sure you make very cool RPs though! :3


It don't have to be self-made, look at the featured page, 3 projects are remixed, (from what I know) the Windblade Drawing used CheerfulOwl's Draw Pad, Jelly Jump is remixed from MagmaPOP, and #AppChallenge used CheerfulOwl's Draw Pad too. But that don't happen a lot, only about 1% it will happen...


Rps don't involve very much new or interesting code :s
Projects are usually featured have nice complex code and are unique. Rps are unique and they show creativity but not much code. :s

However! Not everything about them is bad! You could make a project with someone else and us an rp for the story.


Hi! Welcome to the forum! xD


No. My rps have a blown up emoji. It's better then all the dum.b featured projects