How would you reply (Hopscotch Debate V3)



Inspired by all the other peeps!

Note I will also be asking just questions in general.

This is for the open public, not just squad members.

First scenario:
Say I'm a Regular but I'm abusing my Regular powers and changing topic titles to very inappropriate stuff.


I resisted the temtation of changing the title to something very inappropriate.
Sorry for off topic.


Awesome topic!

I would say... "Excuse me, but that isn't the smartest thing to do. There are little kids on the forum, we don't want them seeing that. Also, changing titles like this could affect you! You could be demoted, suspended, or even banned! I don't want you to get in trouble, could you please stop changing titles?



I tag you on the topic and ask you to stop changing them to inappropriate things and explain why.


Ok, next:
Say there's a new user who complains about not getting likes.


I'd say that likes aren't important and they come in their own way. I'd suggest sharing their project and being patient