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How would you rate this
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It’s cool, but the ball moves really slow


Do you know how to fix it, does the link work?

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Instead of using Change Y by, use Set Position xSelf X Position Y Self Y Position+ Ball and Wait 100 milliseconds or whatever wait value works best.

The ball movement is a bit unnatural currently, sometimes it changes the direction of moving without it hitting anything. Also, the score continues increasing even after you touch a spike.


It’s really good, but it seems sort of laggy.


Anymore Feedback???


I think it is amazing! Nice work!

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This is a great game but I rated it needs work because the ball can probably move more smoothly…

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It is a great game! The ball moves fluently and it is just awesome!

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I think that you will need to open it in the app. My app can’t load it, the loading screen does not go away, but it should work. Hold down on the link on your iPad and choose “Open in “Hopscotch””. I had that problem for so long until somebody told me how to do it.

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Just Wondering but what should I call this game?
Anyone know how to fix this?: Sometimes it Bounces through the platform. I’ve tried changing values and Changing Pos but it Doesn’t effect it

I wasn’t on an iPad or iPhone

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Cool! The ball moves faster. But it gets really laggy after awhile

Also, the score gets so HUGE!

I saw that, and I think that you can’t fix it then.

Most Bugs Fixed "Bounce V. 1!!!
@POMTL If bugs Found Please give feedback🙂


I suggest making the movement a bit smoother to increase difficulty.
I like the overall physics and gameplay. The ball does make unexpected turns every now and then, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to.