How would you feel if friendship2468 was unsuspended poll


How would you feel if that account was unsuspended
@liza I emailed you personally btw pls check your email

  • I'd be very happy!
  • I would be so angry...


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I'm JUST collecting information. Please do not flag this. I have already gotten four flags today and I'm trying to not reach five because everyone knows the promise I made lol.


I would be unaffected


I'd be happy! You'd have your old account back,and everything would be back to normal!


Thanks guys
I'm using personal hotspot because my grandmas wifi is the worst


Wow, how do you make surveys
I've Cena few


Press the gear (:gear:️) at the top of your post and then build poll option.


And I would be not affected. I joined the fourm like 4 months ago so I know nothing about this drama and all


21 characters


or you can do this:

< dewydesxabgugxsbag >

Without spaces


I wouldn't be happy or angry. I'd just be neutral I guess.


Twenty one pilots, maybe? :wink:


Who would be angry? Lol


I'd be pretty happy


i would be soooo happy.
@Liza, she deserves it. She is a wonderful girl but you might not see it, but the community does.