How would you describe the forum when you first became a member?

How was the Hopscotch Forum (HSF) when you initially joined? I recall the period around summer-fall 2015 when the threads were primarily focused on coding assistance, discussions about Hopscotch rumors, and the introduction of new games and features. Additionally, there were numerous tutorials, covering topics such as FancyKey and emojis. Presently, it seems to have transitioned to a broader range of general topics.


Welcome to the forum! Great question, when I joined 3 years ago the forum was a little bit more strict and it’s now becoming more relaxed :].
If you have any questions feel free to tag me with @DogIcing and go ahead and Introduce Yourself!


Back when I joined in 2016, it was very broad and general. Practically every user had their own general chatting topic. The drawing topic (Drawing on Paper Compared to …) was very popular and full of great art and artists. It was very loose.

Now it is stricter, more focused on coding, but still has great art just more focused towards the games that the art is being used in!

Then again that was several years ago when I initially joined. There was a point where the forum went under very strict rules and changed quite abruptly (which resulted in the loss of several of my stories that I had in my GT). But now it has opened up a bit more.


Back when I first joined, it was late 2019. It was right before the forum started to shift. After the shift, it was VERY strict for awhile. Now we have loosened up a bit, allowing for me users.


i joined near the beginning of 2022, which feels like it was recent but realistically it was almost 2 years ago (i was in grade 6 and now im halfway through grade 8) which feels surreal but that’s besides the point
when i joined, i think it was in the midst of the 2022 spring competition + beginning of the first meme competition. i was welcomed by many people and that certainly made me very excited and happy to be here. i did feel a bit intimidated at first with all the topics and rules but with time i did get used to everything