How We Should Be Taking Care of the Community!



Before you guys flag or anything, this is about how we can help keep the community better. So remember- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Respect other opinions, I hate feeling responsible for hurt feelings!
So I'm starting here:
The newer community is pretty juice with the new coding abilities and things that that. There is also an increase in users, some make a huge legacy, some don't.
Here's where the opinions come in:
Some people complain about likes and follows, and trust me, doing that won't help you at all.
Ways to get more likes and follows:
Put effort into your games
Develop a style
Focus more on making projects, not social stuff
Try to make something that the community hasn't seen yet
Start slow, and speed up!
How NOT to get more likes and follows:
Not many coding related projects
No effort in games
Being mean or inappropriate

Note that these are my opinions and I really don't want to sound rude.
If you have trouble understanding what I meant in the end, watch this video and it pretty much explains it:

So, hopscotch was created to create games.
Some more tips and pointers to be super juice:
Don't point out mean if inappropriate projects. They only get more attention!
Don't talk about anybody on the forum that has personal info about them or isn't nice! They can see it!
Make a difference. I'll comment with the polls in a few minutes.



Here are some polls:

Which community do you think made more coding related projects?

  • Older Community
  • Newer Community


I'll add on in different posts!


Do you make RPs?

  • Yes
  • I did, but I stopped
  • Nope



Have you ever pointed out a mean or inappropriate project?

  • Yeah
  • I did once but I don't plan on doing it again!
  • No, I don't want to give any attention to the project


Be honest, we can't see who votes!


Have you developed any cool styles or unique ways to do things? This one is just curiosity!

  • Yes! I am a fan of my style!
  • Yeah, but it could use some more developing or rethinking
  • I'm getting there
  • No, not really



Wow Guys! I'm really appreciating your honesty!
Anything else anybody would like to add?


I have an idea. You could do one on the ratio of remixes to original projects you make.


I am actually making that one right now!


How much to you remix compared to original projects?

  • I remixed a majority of my projects
  • I do it some, but I also make my own
  • Every now and then, if it deserves a remix
  • Very, Very, Rarely
  • REMIX? Nope! All of my projects are originals!



Any opinions anybody wants to share? I LOVE hearing what people think about this!

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I think what you said is very inspiring and will really help the community become even better! Great job! :smile:


Ok, I agree with everything, except:

As people have said before, art(drawings) actually get more likes than coding projects. I don't like this, but it seems true.

Other than that, awesome post! It's very inspiring. :wink:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I've reported a few, if that counts. I've never actually remixed one.


I appreciate all of your opinions!
I used to think RPs were ok, but I watched as they slowly took over hopscotch. I understand that people enjoy it, but I think hopscotch was made for coding.


I noticed that too so I stopped RPing on hopscotch


Good! It pretty much advertises the bad project, and people can look at it and even make it popular, without even trying!

It also gives the person that made it extra attention, which they certainly don't need!

Therefore, the best option would be reporting the project without saying anything!


RPs give of a bad vibe, too.
I don't look at you any differently now that you mention that!

Guys, this is where people that want to say something can say it. Don't judge them, it's just a reminder for the future!


Wow, thanks for posting the video!