How was Hopscotch created?


Technically Hopscotch is a basic coding language for any person to use. As stated before in the forums. Coding language are made by other coding languages. The first coding languages were very hard to make as people needed to make it doing stuff in real life.

So here are my questions....

What coding language was hopscotch created by?

How long did it take to finish Hopscotch?

What methods did you use to make Hopscotch?

@Liza, @BuildASnowman, @Rodrigo or anyone else?


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I have the same question. Maybe we should send Hopscotch a email about this?


Wow, these are great questions!


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wow I am not sure how long it mustv'e took to make the original hopscotch, nice topic!:grinning:


Hopscotch was made in Objective-C and eventually Swift :smiley: I'm not sure how long it took, but I think the first version took at least a year or two to develop.

I'm not sure what you mean by "What methods" :smiley:


I'm talking about the code itself, did they try any type of pattern or variable that helped them throughout the whole process? Also how did send to App Store?


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Here's a video about it, it's quite interesting! :smile:


Yes, but I'm talking about the work itself. Not just the idea


Well.. like Hopscotch coding, there isn't some "secret formula". They made the graphics, they programmed all the mechanics, and put it together to make Hopscotch.



Woah... mind blown​:open_mouth::boom: That video was awesome!! Where did you find it?


I think HuggingFluffyBear posted it in a topic a long time ago, and I searched it up on YouTube! THT's channel is awesome! :smile:


That's so cool! :scream::smile:


Sure did.
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