How use sin and cos


First, you put in set x position to cos, and y to sin.
Then you have 3 blanks in the x, and y places.The first blank in the x place is how far you want the object from its center.
The second blank is the angle or how fast you want it to rotate around the center. Use a value for this, and in a separate rule make the value increase or decrease for however long you want it to.
The third blank is its center x position. It could be anything e.g. 500.

Same goes for the y blanks.
Hope this helped.
By kiwicute2015.

What Is/ Sin & Cos (basic knowledge)
How to do Sine and Cosine?

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Could you please give examples of cos/sin in projects.
What is it really useful for?

What can you do with cos/sin that would be difficult to do if you had to use other code?


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Using sin and cosin makes it easier and faster to draw circles and ovals and designs with waves.


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