How-tos: Hopscotch Tips and Tricks

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Options with projects (button with three dots)

This is a great explanation from @Lavendercupcake and I just wanted to add to it :smile:

In every project there is a button in the top-left corner that has three dots (also known as an ellipsis). Here is a screenshot example (of a project by the Hopscotch Team) showing the button:

  • If you are looking at a project by someone else, you will see a Report Project button instead of Unpublish. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Report Project is only for when you see a rude or inappropriate project. Press Report Project to let the Hopscotch Team know about it so they can remove it if it doesn’t meet Hopscotch Community Guidelines.


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@t1_hopscotch Can you help with tips on the the forum. Like merging, re naming etc.

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P.s I know you are busy with school work from that project... me too.

Hi @Bubblyoreo good question.

Renaming topics:

I’m not sure if every trust level has an option to rename topics but you should be able to do so on your own topics at least.

To rename a topic, all you have to do is press the little pencil icon to the right of the topic name:

Then you’ll be able to rename it and change its tags as well.

People with a regular badge (trust level 3) and higher can rename topics of others as well. They can do this to clarify topic headings that aren’t clear or helpful to anyone. Only leaders can split and merge topics.


So how do you get to regular @t1_hopscotch


Hi @Bubblyoreo there's a post here with that question too, but I will make a post in general about trust levels and the link to that is here.


This is how to use the Sin and Cos block: (I learnt this from @Kiwicute2015 )
So put the cos block from the Calculator into the X Position block. The first bubble is how far you want the thing to be from its 'center' or middle. The second block you put a value in this and have it increase or decrease however you like. The third bubble is where the center is. You can put an number or a value in for this. E.G. if you put 300 in the first bubble, the object's rotation in the middle and 500 for the last bubble, the object will be 300 away from x=500. Sorry if this is not clear but just try experimenting with it.
Also here is a post by Alish on sin and cos.


This is a VERY helpful topic! (and old)

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Yay! You beat me! :smile:

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Finally XD

This topic is awesome. :D


this is a relly helpful topic
I've got something to share

So your making a game and you test it out

it's laggy!

I would check my code
And if you've got something like
Set speed 99999999999
Change it to something like 99999
That's th exams bjt not laggier
And this applies to every block
Set invisibility 100 not 9999999999


Ooh that's really helpful, thank you @HopedHoper! And usually I go up to 9999 for speed but there's not really much difference you can notice with big numbers anyway. So it is better to choose numbers with fewer digits at that point, so that it doesn't lag like you said :smiley:


I was about to make this a topic but I found this :smiley:

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