How to you rotate moving objects


Hey guys i was making a loading screen and my dad gave me a really good idea l. I wanted to make BB-8 from the star wars movie thats coming up.If you watch some videos you can see that the bottem the robot moves.I already published it.On hopscotch search up BB-8.pick the bottom.


Do you mean how you rotate AND move at the same time? Because if that is, this is how:

Repeat (100)
Change X By (-1)
Turn (-3.6)

You can use decimals by using a Bluetooth keyboard or by copy and pasting it into the bubble.

Good luck, and tell me if this doesn't work!


Sorry it didn't work

this happened


Sorry, I didn't notice that it is "iPad is tilted". You don't need the Repeat block. If that STILL doesn't work, I don't know, because it worked on mine.


Do you mean rotate and move at the same time like @CreativeCoder said?

If so, you can use the Repeat like she said, or you can separate your rule into two rules instead:

When iPad is tilted left
    Change X by -100


When iPad is tilted left
    Turn -360°


@t1_hopscotch is right.

Just make two rules. Thanks RubRub for the feature!