How to you post without making a new topic,or replying?


How do you post without making a new topic, or replying? Thanks!
(sorry for all the questions!) :grimacing:
Also, how do you make the bold text? (Again sorry for the questions! :rolling_eyes:)


For bold text put two ** of those on each side of the text


To make the bold text do this exactly

**write anything between these stars**

For the other question, I don't completely understand :sweat_smile:


I don't know about your first question because "posting" is replying or making a new topic...
But to do bold you can do <b>your text</b> or put hashtags number signs or asterisks before the text.


I don't think this is possible. :wink:

This is bold text

**This is bold text**

And don't worry, forums are meant for questions! :smile:


I don't know for the topic and reply one, but for bold text, tap the B, or put two *s on both sides of the text, like this.