How to View Your Flagged Posts


Same here

Don't you get a message when you get flagged too?!
Im so happy!


Yeah, which means you have no flags!


Oh cool!


I have many more....
there are a lot in @PixelMaster64 when someone decided I will use up all my flags even tho that isn't a bad thing

so basically I have 0 flags
one was a topic that my cat posted venhjjvhjb fsvbh that got flagged even tho i was typing something and I wasnt ready to send it out my cat came over while i was somewhere and one was for nothing

and hoi ms.@candycane why are you back? :0


just checking in :D

whats happened in the last week?


I will tag you in my general topic don't want to be off topic here




I has 0 flags..


Yay no flags!!!


Oh, I found another way to check all your messages now, so you don't have to export your data

Just type in the following link, but replace USERNAME with your username

So I would replace USERNAME with t1_hopscotch


I've had one,, yet I feel so guilty somehow for getting flagged once. ;-;

I try to be as kind, friendly, and helpful as possible on the forum,,


I try too yet I have like 500
its fine @BerryFOX


I know how flags can make you feel like you've been bad and gotten in trouble for doing something wrong :(

I used to say they can just be meant as little reminders too ^_^

I can really see you're trying.

And that's wonderful; that's all that matters really. :blush::smile:


You're an amazing person who tries your best!

One flag is ok!


Thank you so much,, @t1_hopscotch and @bluedogmc-official! :D


I have seven flags... but over 505 days, I say that's not that bad XD

Five of them were in my first month on the forum, too, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Apparently I have more than 8 flags

There's really no freedom of speech in Forum

I'm off to DeviantArt Forum bai


Hmm it seems as though that Liza has removed pms (or being able to find the list of your pms)

Does anyone know how to still find your pms?


Hmmm this is real tricky
moved to meta