How to View Your Flagged Posts


What..... yey!
But then why am I not reg?
I filled all the requirements.
EDIT: sorry this is from my head


Thanks, this tutorial is great.:grinning: Believe it or not, I thought I would have like four flags. Now I'm sure about it. I'll bookmark this and will use it sometime in the future.:slight_smile:


Then, click the :envelope:️ On the top left, beside "data export complete".


I have no any flags


Me too.
Acts all innocent.


I have more than 8 flags... :0
Me bad :3


Me is more bad, I have 0 flags ;-; I hoped I have one...


I've been on Forum too much.
And da fish that swims in deep water is never innocent. >:3


Yup. Everything's seemingly perfect on the surface, then you like it so much you dig deeper and deeper, and as you go on, you're bound to come across other things. That's my story for everything, it happens to me over and over.


You worded my thoughts.

The Internet is like that, you know!


Nods vigorously with nothing more to say.


That's outrageous!


I think you could also check your private messages to check for flags? Or maybe I'm getting confused with various versions of Discourse

But a flag may be cancelled if you've fixed it or the staff reject the flag (for example, it wasn't flagged for a valid reason)


Staff don't do that anymore. Nowadays it's just mass flagging.


...I have eight. :0000


I have 0, le ;-;


Apparently I have 0 flags...I thought I had one flag? Idk


Thanks! I've been wondering about this the whole time :joy: I have no flags! I was freaking out for no reason this entire (time 200 days!)!


I'm sooo close to 200 days...
Heheh yeah no. 15 days.


2 weeks, not bad.