How To Use Your Regular Powers Wisely


"Use resources wisely."
That is a quote from the Girl Scout Promise.

"Use your Regular powers wisely."
That is my modified version which states what you should do as a Regular.

[size=25]How To Use Your Regular Powers Wisely[/size]

How To Use Your Editable Post Power

Congratulations! When you're a Regular, you can make your posts so that other users Trust Level 2 (Member) and up can edit it! Just tap the •••, then tap the pencil on a square! That's all you have to do!

**How To Use Your Title/Tags Change Power**

Congratulations! When you're a Regular, you can change the titles and tags of other people's topics! Always get permission from the creator of the topic before doing this. Otherwise, they may get mad and flame wars may start. Just like editing your own topic!

**How To Use Your Tag Creating Power Wisely**

Congratulations! When you're a Regular, you can make your own tags! Yes, I know, this isn't very necessary to watch what tags you're creating, but don't make any like "i'm_the_best" or "i'm_better_than_you". That is bragging, and that's mean. And don't make other mean ones, like "[forum username]isa_bully".

Is this Code Red, Code Orange, Code Yellow, or Code Blue? Houston, we have a problem

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