How to use X and Y (Positive and Negative)


So to get started Y when it's positive it goes up and when it's negative it goes down. X when it's positive it goes right and when X is negative it goes left. To make the number positive DON'T PUT - To make the number negative PUT -. In many projects you can use X and Y. Thanks for reading!


Nice explanation! For anyone wanting a visual of it, here you go:


waaaa! this made me thing hopscotch was scratch again and that 0,0 was the center :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Its really 1024 x 768 pixels as this is the resolution on the ipad 1,2.
Higher than this is not on screen


Yeah in Hopscotch the coordinates are in Quadrant I (both positive). Usually (0,0) is the center but (0,0) is in the bottom-left corner because we don't deal with negatives (unless you're off the screen)