How to use the remix feature

It’s seems that people are having difficulty understanding the remixes feature, so I made a guide of when you should remix a project, and when you shouldn’t.

Don’t do these :x:

Never never never remix a project sayings it’s yours. No, a gray box in the top right corner saying the original creators name isn’t an excuse to plagiarize (which is illegal in certain cases) other peoples work.

I almost never face these, but here is an example of someone copying one of my games pretending it’s theirs.

Do not send any hate or rude messages to the creator. I will politely tell them that it’s wrong, and I think they know as I think it’s not public anymore. You are just as bad as them for being rude!

Do! :white_check_mark:

Remix an art pad or design tool to show your art! You are using the remix feature to share your creativity, and using the original game!

You should also use the remix feature if you

  • Modified a game to change its aspects, then add a warning that you did not create the original game!

  • Have a score you want to share! (If the creator did not ask you to remix, you should make sure their name is in the game somewhere still)

Also if someone did do something wrong, kindly tell them and do not be rude or send hate!

The remix feature can be used to learn and share experiences, but it can also be abused. Thanks for reading!


Adding to this, you can also remix to solve a problem another user was having (be sure to add how you solved it so they can do it themselves next time), or to use a template someone else made (please ensure the template is FTU (meaning Free To Use) or have permission to use it, and you give credit to the person who made it. Giving credit to people the creator of the template gave credit to is also very important).


nice guide! another building point, if someone has done something wrong in a project, don’t remix it- it gives them attention & spreads the project, which is probably what the person wanted in the first place. just report it!


Great guide! And, very annyoing:
The more popular you get, the more this happens ):


Very great guide. We’ve probably all had a project of ours where someone remixed it claiming it as their own. Great to spread the word, and let them know!


I noticed a certain pattern of colors in the logos of the people that have liked this topic lol :]

Also good topic, I totally agree remixes are being misused


no more >:)


Don’t do this! (Removed my name from title screen)

Removing someone’s name is bad because you are taking away the credit to the original creator and is disrespectful.


It even got 9 likes!
And you made it…
This really needs to stop!


this problem is indeed really annoying to have, but from my experience, a lot of the remixers aren’t on the forum. therefore, this topic won’t make a difference in their behalf.

this kind of thing is inevitable, considering Hopscotch doesn’t have an advanced filter that can filter remixes with relevance and taking credit for someone’s code.