How to Use the Forum


Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! You can use the forum to chat about anything at all that's Hopscotch related. This tutorial will show you how it works and what you can do with it.

Main Screen

The 1st arrow points to the tabs; Latest, New and Top. The 2nd arrow points to the Ask a Question button. Tap on it to bring up the creating tab, which I will explain more about later. In the top-right corner, there are 4 buttons. The 1st button displays your nofications, the 2nd one is the search button, the 3rd one displays more tabs like FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and the last one displays your profile.

Trust Levels

Trust levels are sort of like stages you can achieve by doing certain things.
The reson why these exist is to prevent robot spammers from filling the entire forum with grumpy cat or doge memes. It would be a little amusing for that to happen though! :joy:

Your Profile

When on the Main Screen, tap on the 4th button to go to your profile. It shows your nofications, badges, likes you've given/recieved and more! If you want to edit your profile picture, description, etc, tap on Preferences. I'll explain more about that next.

Using Preferences

Slots and their purposes:

  1. Displays your username. When someone gives you a message, sometimes they’ll send one with @ before your name. Then, you’ll find it in your nofications list.
  2. This slot displays your email. This will never be shown to the public.
  3. Possesses the ability to change your profile picture. This will appear on your profile page and your profile card.
  4. This slot holds your profile background. This will only appear on your profile page. Try using something simple!
  5. Displays the background for your user card.

  1. Shows the discription editor.
  2. The slot tells everyone where you live. If you do choose to put in your location, only put in your country.
  3. If you have a website, put the link of it in here.
  4. Shows your user card badge.q

User Card

Here’s an example of a user card. Pretty cool, huh? You can customise it any way you’d like!


This is the editor. It's used to format messages and topics. What the buttons do (except the first one 😅:

  1. Makes the text bold.
  2. Transforms the text into italic.
  3. Possesses the ability to add a hyperlink into your topic/message.
  4. When replying to another person, use this button to add a place in your text where it shows your partner’s previous message.
  5. `Makes indent preformatted text by 4 spaces.
  6. The ability to add photos.
  7. Tap on this to make a numbered list.
  8. This button allows you to make a circle based list.
  9. Possesses the ability to create a heading.
  10. Makes a divider.
  11. A substitute Emoji keyboard!

That's all you'll need to know!

You've successfully completed the tutorial! Was it helpful? Please leave feedback!

*Just in case you were wondering, I format my topics with HTML.
*Phew! It took so long to make this! :sweat_smile:



@Yummy_Muffin_ This is so incredibly detailed, awesome work!!!

Just one thing, in the third picture (under the heading "Your Profile"), delete that and I think you maybe should blur your email out before re-uploading it again

I use HTML to format my posts too :slightly_smiling:


This is really awesome @Yummy__Muffin!! Thanks for posting!


This is a really clear tutorial! I love it! <3


What means Indent perform aged text by 4 spaces?

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Hi @Pink_Cloud you can check out this post here to see what indent with 4 spaces does :smiley:


This is an awesome way in how to use the forum! It's very detailed, and really good! I'm reviving this for newbies! @HorsesKM, check this out! Scroll up!

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Umm... Some personal information is revealed..


Uh oh.. I just saw that... You can edit it, right?


Yep! I edited out the email. Yummy muffin blurred out the first email, but forgot the second one :0


Yup! Now, this is really good! I can't believe I never saw it :0

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This is very useful for new users who have recently joined the forums!


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I'm reviving this again! It's very helpful!


If your new here, please read this!

This is awesome! I'm new to the forum so this helps. Thanks a lot!


Hey, I saw myself in there! The turtle one was me


Reviving!!! Hopscotch looked so weird

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This is very helpful to noobs

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You should change the word noobs, it might be offensive because usually its used as an insult..

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Gosh bud

Noobs isn't an insult

I know a kid whose name is noob

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