How to use Sandpiper_Studios’ Pixel Art String Reader!

Hey everyone!
I made a super cool Pixel Art String Reader today :3 (credits to Crosbyman64 for help with the string reader)

I thought it might be nice to make a tutorial on how to use it!
Here’s the project:

How To Use:
First, find a template. (A nice one to start with is the heart used in the thumbnail, though it’s already in the code so you might wanna pick something different)
Next, delete the values in the four Set Variable blocks in the first When block in the Square’s code.
Set the values of Pixel Height and Pixel Width to whatever you’d like. I recommend 10 for larger pixel arts with more pixels and 15-25 for smaller pixel arts.
Now you need to start building your pixel art.
Select X and Y coordinates. These will be the starting point for your pixel art. I started with X100 and Y600!
Now, input those coordinates into the Pixel Shape string in this format:
(Replace the zeros with your coordinates. the reader doesn’t support 4 digit coordinates)
Make sure not to leave anything out or add anything in! The length of the string is vital to the generator.
Now keep going! To move the pixels, set each new coordinate string to your last pixel’s x coordinates + pixel width and/or your last pixel’s y coordinates + pixel height.
For example, if I want to make a pixelated rectangle 5 pixels wide by 2 pixels high, and my pixels are 25x25, here’s the string for that:
Great! Now I have my pixel’s coordinates all set up.
But wait! My pixels aren’t generating?
That’s because you’re not finished!
Go back to your code and enter the Pixel String variable. This is how the generator calculates how many pixels to generate, and also what colors to make them!
First, pick a color scheme.
Here are the main colors and how to use them:
a = White
b= Black
c = Red
d = Orange
e = Yellow
f = Green
g = Teal
h = Blue
i = Violet
j = Purple
k = Lavender
l = Pink
m = Magenta
n = Tan
o = Brown
p = Grey
Now, create your string
Mine is going to be green, blue, and teal.
I have ten pixels, so my color string needs to be ten letters - one for every pixel.
like this: fghfghfghf
This will make my pixel art green, teal, blue, green, teal, blue, green, teal, blue, green, in that order.
Now, press play and watch your pixel art generate!

If this doesn’t make sense, please let me know. I’ll do my best to fix it!

Thank you :wink:

Feel free to remix the project and put #MyGeneratedPixelArt in the title and link it here!
If you have any questions, you can ask them!
Suggestions too!



Cool, although I don’t code pixel art much anymore.
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Sorry for the formatting being weird and hard to follow, mobile is a pain to write new topics on

This tutorial is paraphrased from the tutorial in the second comment in the code itself so you can just follow that one too tho


Piper’s pixels would be a good name imo


Alright I’ll rename it next update haha



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@goatgames I fixed the thumbnail pixel art (apparently I’d missed the last row in shapes so it wasn’t generating) and renamed it!


@heracc boop

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