How to use image converter

Just joined, thought this was a site that has an image converter, to convert an image to pixel art, can anyone help please?


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I think you might be looking for this site

This forum is for the hopscotch app. Generally this wouldn’t need a topic but i can see awesome_e is typing. Are you going to code a pixel art?


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First off, I believe you might be looking for this topic, which describes the tool you’re talking about:

Second, this forum is for the Hopscotch iOS App, which is a programming tool that lets you create projects and games with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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I’m Awesome_E, by the way, an intern and long-time user of the Hopscotch app. Feel free to Introduce Yourself, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Leaders Q and A Topic


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AE n dogicing said it already so u dont need me here, lol.


Welcome to the forum!


No, I’m trying to turn an image into a perler bead pattern, the site I used to use, Hobby Family, is dead and gone now, I can’t find one like it that allows you to decide the size of the porject (how many beads wide) & shows the code or number that corresponds with which color bead to use on the generated pattern.


This isn’t hopscotch related, but can do that. :]


Except it doesn’t show the bead colors on the generated grid. You have to guess what bead color corresponds with each pixel.


Sorry to hear about Hobby Family closing. There will probably be a better chance on the general internet, to find another resource that also shows the closest perler bead color. (I didn’t know what perler beads were until I searched it up just then.)

People do make digital pixel arts on the Hopscotch coding app, but the discussion here doesn’t focus on perler beads. So people will know of general pixel art resources here, but not focused on perler beads.


if you hit save embroidery pattern it should give you a list of the colors as well as a grid with symbols on it that correspond with the colors


There are some website that let you see the colors from an image

Here is one I commonly use :arrow_down:


@Leaders Clive?

The created of this topic isn’t active anymore, and there were multiple useful answers.

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