How to use hopscotch more often


I'm not really a active person, but this is how you can help make the community better some more. These tips will help you to be on more often.
1. Be nice on the fourm, nobody likes getting bullied, so don't bully!
2. Keep making projects! No one knows which are gonna be featured or not. The trick is keep making and making! It will get more people on, so do your best!
3. Respect other people's posts and projects. Everyone wants people to look at a project, so just do it at least once! It's helpful. Posts help by looking by how they feel. So respect them!

Here's a poll if you want to have your say.

  • I agree with you.
  • I sort of agree with you.
  • I sort of disagree with you.
  • I disagree with you.


Votes are public.

If you help other people, more people have fun and join hopscotch! So do your part and keep the greatness of hopscotch going!


Sort of agree and sort of disagree are pretty much the same lol


There are a few problems with your post I need to address:

My experience says that nothing really happens when you try your best. It's just sheer luck that someone finds your good work.

Doesn't really support the topic, which is how you can use it more. This just reduces the chance of others leaving. Same with the third reason.


The trick is having enough ideas to make :stuck_out_tongue:


Respectfully disagree with your first statement. Posting more projects will increase your chance of someone seeing it! :D


its not hopscotch but no one cares


I care!
It's scratch!