How to use Fancy Key like a pro!



How to use FancyKey: First Download the app (it's free) This is what it looks like:

Then open it up: Next you can use one of their keyboards or make your own (Mine is custom): To get it on you have to go to settings go to General-Keyboards-Keyboards- Then enable FancyKey. Finally to get it on you have to hold down the globe button and Tap FancyKey: Voila Your done!!! Now you can get cool fonts and symbols! Happy Coding!:-)- @HermioneGranger

How do you get fonts?
How do you use FancyKey

Thanks Liza! Do you have FancyKey? It's useful on hopscotch for making Keep Calms because of the symbols!



I have แ–ดแ—ฉแ‘Žแ‘•Y KEY too!
And it is very helpful on Hopscotch


Awesome! I love making smooth backgrounds u?


To be honest I am still working on my first smooth background project.
:grinning:-nearly there!


I love fancy key,it's so useful! And there's a new update!


Nice! I never knew it would be so useful!


Me too like when I found fancy key on the AppStore I didn't have Hopscotch yet and it looked like a simple cool app to amaze my friends. When I got hopscotch and realised how much fancy key was needed I was amazed!


Can you use fancy key to make a model?


yea thats how you make models unless you draw them


Oh. I can't find the pieces to make the model in fancy key though.:disappointed:


It said to enable full access and like it would access ANYTHING you type so im not allowed to download it. I downloaded disney gif though I enabled full access becuz its just pics


@AwesomeGal1b You can try Emoji smiley for shapes

Emoji Smiley - Free Color Unicode Emoticons Keyboard for SMS, Messages & Email by hongwei liu


Thanks @t1_hopscotch!


I'd recommend not looking at the forums in FancyKey. Some people cuss on there, please don't look at the forums..

2 years on the forum
What was your first post on forum?
Your first post?

Yes. You use the symbols! Sorry I'm replying late!


And out the REAL photos, I don't think they even patrol those!! I have seen over 5 REALLY REALLY bad words!


I have never been to the FancyKey forum and don't think I want to go there now.


โ“•โ“โ“โ“’โ“จ โ“šโ“”โ“จ โ“˜โ“ข โ“–โ“กโ“”โ“โ“ฃ!!!!!!


That stinks... I make posts on my computer!