How to use clones to set drawing pad colors



Okay, I am making an art pad. Instead of getting a bunch of shapes, I have decided to make clones for each certain hue.
But how do you say, if this Clone was tapped, set H to this, S to this, and B to this?
There is no "when clone number ___ is tapped, set etc…
Could anyone help?
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Colored elipse are clones
Black elipse is original object


Check my HopPad Original to know more.


See code.


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Hm, I’m not sure. Most people make each color in an art pad an individual object.
But if I had to guess (I haven’t tried this code), I would try:
When object is cloned-
Check once if clone index=1
Set (self H) to 5
If else
Check once if clone index=2
Set (self H) to 3
If else
Check once if clone index=3
Set (self H) to 7

When object is tapped (whatever code you want in this block)-

  • Draw a trail, width (self H)
  • Check once if (self H)…

Idk if this will even work. I’ll try it myself. Just tweak as needed.


That seems really good!
Okay, so if the pen object touches one if the circles, it will set the color?


When (original object’s actual name) is tapped

Check once if

Touch x > x pos + 10 (change to fit object)
Touch x > x pos - 10 (change to fit object)

Touch y > y pos + 10 (change to fit object)
Touch y > y pos - 10 (change to fit object)

Do something


And there is when Self is tapped…


So with Sofia’s reply, would I put in a self tapped block?


Yes, I think. At least, that’s how I roll with making art pads with the color selectors your doing.


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Say you make 360 clones

When Object is cloned

Set (Self) Clone to Clone Index - 1

When Self is tapped

Set H to (Self) Clone (changeable)
Set S to 80 (changeable)
Set B to 100 (changeable)


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