How to upload images

Have you ever heard “Don’t Upload To Many Images”
This is because it costs money for those images to be on the forum. There’s many ways to help Hopscotch with this expensive. There’s two methods.
This website allows you to upload links that show the image
Disclaimer: you have to have high enough trust level to do this. Some times might take a while to load

This is one of the most biggest methods. It’s also the fasts and easiest method but does have some down sides.
Disclaimer: same as the first method you need high enough trust level to post links. Also all images get removed after some time. Often blocked on school devices.


which parts should i remove? i dont see anything really in ()s besides that message

as for the cliving, sure but itd be best if you left this open so that people can ask for and get help if they need it even after reading the tutorial

also, another quick note is that using these sites actually doesnt make a difference unless you use the </> preformatted textoption and link them as theyll correct into images and system will download them anyway


Hm I had seen this mentioned around the community, but wasn’t sure where this idea had come from. Hopscotch is a Discourse customer and we are happy to pay for this community to have a platform. There is storage (used for uploads, etc.) with each plan, and as far as I am aware, we are not running out of storage.

I would probably encourage people to upload images directly onto the forum because it makes it easier to understand context, which is also why system downloads them directly

Yep system does this to preserve the images, in case the original link doesn’t work anymore, or the original site has taken them down.


I see what saying
I must be thinking of back in the day when they wanted you to use cat a lot you may close


Also wanted to add that if we were running out of storage, we would look at upgrading our Discourse plan (not make users upload less images) :smiley:


I understand y’all may close this


Thank you for taking the time to write this up nonetheless, and putting together the information that you had picked up from others.

Edit: I’m not sure about whether to close, since it does have useful information, but I probably would more strongly encourage people to upload directly to the forum, since there is also the built-in trust level system that can check if people are at a certain trust level, before they can post links or images.

I’ll put a timer for now, in case anyone wants to add anything.


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