How to upload a screenshot!


I SBYP and I did not find anything like this!

First if you are creating a topic or a reply you first press upload

Then choose the photo you want to upload then when you tap It it will have a check mark!
Then press done!

Then press create topic or reply!

I hope that helps people!

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Hello I'm new can I have some help
How do you upload a picture?
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Cool topic, good job!


Great tutorial!

Has this seriously not been done before? :joy: wow


I searched it and I didn't think I saw something like this!!


Wow I have 20 nice topics!!
This one is my 20th!!


That's what surprises me XD.

Great job!

Maybe add something about the loading... bit?


Congrats! I only have 10 Nice Topics :wink:


I don't know what that is??


Thats still awesome @KVJ!!


when it says: [loading...] ()


I did this cause someone wanted to know how to do this!!!
Which was @MiiR_legend!


Ok but I just want it to stay as it is cause sometimes it doesn't say that!!?



Why so many !!!!s lol?


¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯ fair enough; your topic


Idk I never put periods much so Idk why I put !!


Great tutorial! Maybe you can add that you need to press home + power button to take a screenshot?
Or use Lightshot (or similar software) on your computer.




I have a question, how do you upload small pictures. I see a lot of people uploading tiny pictures, but I can’t do that.
Can someone help?
Bump btw


@DogWithAPen ummmmm sorry but I don’t know :/
@PaigeysFriends anyone know how to upload tiny pics??


After you upload the image, in your editor you can edit the URL to make it smaller.